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Lifesagarden80 about 11 hours ago

Avocado Toast

Their avocado toast is amazing! They always take pride in their food. I always order two, it is that amazing.

Sandrakay64 17 days ago

Granola Bowl

A must is Sunshine Drip's Granola Bowl! Complete with slices of strawberries, banana's and yogurt. This is the perfect pick-me-up or way to get your morning started off just right!

Joey about 1 month ago

Bacon, Ham or Sausage and Egg & Cheese on a Bagel

Just-chewy-enough bagel meets gooey cheese and well-seasoned sausage and egg. This sandwich is my go-to and keeps me full for much of the day. Extra tip: go for the everything bagel!

Hannah about 2 months ago

Berry Delicious Smoothie

One of the best smoothies I've ever had. It was so refreshing and delicious, and you definitely can tell how fresh their ingredients are.

Wagnerduncan 2 months ago

Bacon, Ham or Sausage and Egg & Cheese on a Bagel

Great food and the best espresso anywhere. The girls are always extremely friendly and service it quick. Love sunshine drip!

Denita1990 3 months ago

Coupeville Club

Absolutely fantastic food! I couldn't say enough about this place and their food and quality of the food. Highly recommend this place!

Nana 4 months ago

Avocado Toast

Always delicious! Fresh avocado and perfectly cooked egg to add on top.

Rachel 5 months ago

Avocado Toast

Best Avocado Toast around!!!

Drivermom1 5 months ago

Baker's Quiche

Great atmosphere, always good coffee, and the food is fresh and delicious!

Pmohoma 5 months ago

Turkey Garlic Aioli

Finding gluten free options for lunch on this island is hard. I was delighted to find that Sunshine offers a few options and on a panini too! I really enjoy the turkey garlic aioli. It has good flavors and they use a good quality gluten free bread. Not all gluten free breads are delicious, I like that I can order online for pickup, grab and go back to work. Thank you and I hope you'lladd some more GF options.

Kathrynbird 5 months ago

Berry Delicious Smoothie

Greek yoghurt with the perfect blend of berries makes an ideal breakfast. Wonderful healthy option with just a little protein.

Kathrynbird 5 months ago

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Spicy chicken wrap is delicious with a creamy sauce and just a hint of spice. Large spinach tortilla keeps this satisfyingly crunchy sandwich all secure without mess.

Jameskchilders 7 months ago

Avocado Toast

This is a great spot to stop for coffee and/or a bite to eat. Food and coffee was fabulous. The staff was friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful experience. We would highly recommend making this one of your must stop at places. It is such a happy place.

Jennifer 7 months ago

Avocado Toast

I feel so blessed to have Sunshine Drip right across the street from my workplace. They are the best! Delicious and wholesome variety of foods, full of nutrition and so satisfying... plus, quick service. Always friendly and super accommodating. I usually order and pay online before going in, and when I'm ready, they have my food ready and waiting. All I have to do is walk in and grab my bag. Couldn't be better! Several times a week I order their avocado toast for breakfast and have them top it with egg and tomato. They source the toast from a local restaurant owner who makes delicious bread, and I really like that they value and support local purveyors. Their Caesar salad, which they dress for you, is perfect.... or they have a wonderful mixed greens salad that has all kinds of goodness on it... egg, avocado, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds, etc,... hearty and full of nutrition, just what I need to get me through busy, long days. Their sandwiches are wonderful, a huge variety. And they have incredible desserts... notably their chocolate brownies, which I particularly love and which are consistently rich in flavor and just the right texture. a mouthwatering guilty pleasure. All kinds of coffees to choose from, using Moka Joe, a local roaster, which, again, I appreciate that they use. And organic teas, which is a mark of a quality coffee shop/restaurant. Oh.... And the shop. the shop! Full of unique greeting cards and all kinds of gifts... from specialty popcorn to specialty room sprays, lotions, and candles, all locally made, to adorable and quality household decorative items. It is so much fun to spend time at Sunshine, definitely a happy place for me!

Alexcerpa1016 7 months ago

Tuna Melt

I recently moved to Oak Harbor from Jacksonville, FL. and let me tell you, this Tuna Melt reminds me of home! Everything down to the perfected amount of toastedness (making up my own words now). The whole menu is very impressive and I can't wait to try more items. That Coupeville Club looked dynamite, as my coworker actually had one today for lunch. Pesto=life. I may add some to my melt next time. By far the best Coffee Shop on Whidbey Island! Support local businesses!!!!

Patriciajeanduff 8 months ago

Spicy Veggie

Can I tell you about one love of my life, the Spicy Veggie Wrap at Sunshine Drip in Coupeville? How do I love thee oh special sandwich? Let me count the ways! 1. I love your simplicity of fresh ingredients, spicy hummus, spinach, tomato, shredded carrots, avocado & cucumber on a spinach tortilla. So simple! So fresh! Nothing to cloud the palette, just good flavors working with fresh veggies for an extraordinarily tasty lunch. Top it off with an exquisite peanut butter cookie (which is so big it lasts two days!) and I'm happy. Also, there are other delicious items I love like the excellent tuna melt or the fresh as ever salads, but I could go on. Everything at the Drip is tasty and served up by a team of smiling hipsters. Love the Drip! Patricia Duff 1 review

Pauladean54 8 months ago

Berry Delicious Smoothie

This is my favorite smoothie. Great baked goods, friendly people. Great coffee. Haven't tried anything I don't like.

Lgmathes 8 months ago

Avocado Toast

avocado toast and iced latte w/ oat milk is my favorite thing to get here! Nicest people and the best coffee shop to work in

Timifur 8 months ago

Berry Delicious Smoothie

Love this place! Delicious and healthy.

Lexmaeking 9 months ago

Turkey Pesto

The pesto and sun dried tomatoes make this wrap super yummy. It is a good size and very filling! I also loved the spinach tortilla. Definitely a good choice for lunch.

Ariannacane 16 days ago

Immune Boost

The Immune Boost Smoothie is consistently fantastic - the staff will often add extra fruit to make it even better and with the vanilla protein, it can be a whole meal!

Coryelle 19 days ago

The Greens

I love heading to sunshine drip for an afternoon pick-me-up. The greens smoothie is healthy and yummy for when I am craving something sweet.

Brittany about 2 months ago

Spicy Chicken Wrap

YUM! Super tender, flavorful chicken (I think it is marinated?), mixed perfectly with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and a chipotle mayo. My husband had their club sandwich, I tried a bite of his and it's like having something from a gourmet restaurant, one bite and there are a dozen flavors happening that all accent each other perfectly. To top it off, I got a frozen strawberry lemonade that is literally the best I've ever had, not too tart and not too sweet. We're hooked!

Nkt about 2 months ago

Avocado Toast

Love this place, sweet friendly people! Never a bad meal or drink. The avocado toast is one of my favorites!

Nancyeab 2 months ago

Chicken Caesar

Very delicious wrap sandwich. Perfect with a latte.

26amilnes 4 months ago

Bacon, Ham or Sausage and Egg & Cheese on a Bagel

Yum yum tasty

Karrib 4 months ago

Chef Salad

When I lived in Coupeville, I got hooked on Sunshine Drip's Chef Salad. Even now that I've moved, I still drive back to Coupeville for the chef salad. It is always good, always fresh (freshest lettuce ever!) and just perfect with a 20oz mocha. I love Sunshine Drip's food, but it's their espresso I've really had a love affair with, ever since the day they opened. And the food just keeps drawing me back too 😊. Can't get any better anywhere else... (although their other location, Rock Island, in Oak Harbor is also fantastic!

Melsrich91 5 months ago

Coupeville Club

I've had several sandwiches all being delicious, if I had to pick a'd be this sandwich! It's amazing and bursting with flavor.. my mouth waters for it always. The service here really embodies genuine customer service.

Ingram 5 months ago

Bagel Only

I take the ferry across from Port Townsend and ride around Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve Invariably I end up here (at Sunshine Drip Coffee Lounge) and enjoy their wonderful Blueberry muffins. The finest ingredients make for a tasty muffin. Thank you. It makes the ride more enjoyable.

Jmh 5 months ago

Granola Bowl

A taste of paradise! It's been a long time since I've tasted something that instantly made me smile. To my surprise, Fresh fruit, yogurt, drizzled honey and granola is all it took. Simple and fresh, each bite transporting me away from the gloom of cold Whidbey rain to the warm sand and cool breeze of the beaches back home. Needless to say I will be returning for more, and as Peter Pan would say, I think I found my happy thought.

Kathrynbird 5 months ago

Avocado Toast

First, the toast. Crispy fresh baked bread from the Oyster Catcher bakery is toasted to perfect crunchiness on the outside while leaving a chewy center. The ripe, creamy avocado is carefully sliced, with each half placed gently on its slice of toast. Virgin olive oil drips off its side with just a pinch of salt...ahh just right.

Fred 7 months ago

Baker's Quiche

Devine with a capital "D"! The crust is a critical and often overlooked foundation to a great quiche. Sunshine Drip has the perfect crust to cradle the wonderful blend of egg, cheese and veggies. The custard like filling is soul warming and the love of the chef can be tasted in every bite. Do yourself a favor and savor this goodness the next time you are in!

Alyssataylor777 7 months ago

Turkey Garlic Aioli

I am absolutely in love with everything about this place! The atmosphere is so peaceful and calming; perfect to get work done or wind down from a stressful day. The cashier and staff are warm and friendly, always greeting me with a smile, and the shop is so cute! I'm a self-proclaimed picky eater but let me tell you, the food is absolutely divine—which I realize sounds odd when I'm describing something such as a sandwich—but it's the only way to describe such a lovely meal. I always recommend this place when I hear my my friends are taking a trip to Whidbey Island. Thank you Sunshine Drip!!

Kai 7 months ago

Coupeville Club

Best sandwich in town! Absolutely the best club I've ever had!

Caitlena 8 months ago

The Greens

Their green smoothie out-does my at-home attempt to blend my veggies! They make it into something worth drinking. Every time one of my co-worker's takes a sip when I show up for my shift, they're jealous, surprised, and will typically ask me to bring them one too. Any time you see someone drinking a green smoothie, you typically think "gross," but this smoothie is what got me through many of my health issues. I appreciate the attention to detail, the memory they have, and the quality they bring to Coupeville. This town is better because of their business.

Ekaliedgar 8 months ago

Coupeville Club

absolutely delicious! i crave it all the time!

Lexi 8 months ago

Spicy Veggie

I love this wrap!! It is so hearty and filling without being heavy, and is full of flavor. I can't wait to try this with chicken added.

Lexmaeking 8 months ago

Ham or Sausage, Egg Muffin

I love this breakfast sandwich. The best part is that when I ordered it, I could see them cracking fresh eggs to bake in rounds and put on their breakfast sandwiches. No fake liquid eggs! The sand which I had was sausage with pepper jack. They are not light on the cheese and it was gooey and delicious.

Marianav420 8 months ago

Tuna Melt

best tuna sandwich!!!

Alisondwells 9 months ago

Avocado Toast

Loving it! This simple dish is the bomb. Nice, clean, and gifts for anyone.


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