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Matcha Latte

Matcha Latter size and Hot or Iced:12 oz Hot +$5.2512 oz Iced +$5.2516 oz Hot +$5.7516 oz Iced +$5.7520 oz Hot +$6.2520 oz Iced +$6.2524 oz Iced +$6.75
disposable items:Add Straw
Sauce:Chocolate Sauce +$0.75Caramel Sauce +$0.75SF Chocolate Sauce +$0.75SF Caramel Sauce +$0.75White Chocolate Sauce +$0.75
Alternative Milk options:Non Fat Mac Milk +$1Soy Milk +$1Hemp Milk +$1Oat Milk +$1Almond Milk +$1Coconut Milk +$1Wet Dry Bone Dry apple cider sub
Shots/Decaf/extra hot:1 extra espresso shot +$0.502 extra espresso shot +$13 extra espresso shot +$1.50Decaf Split Shot White Coffee Substitution +$0.501 Shot only 2 Shots only 3 Shots only Extra Hot Cortado Half Espresso/Half warm milk +$0.75
Syrup Choices:Vanilla Syrup +$0.50Coconut Syrup +$0.50Hazelnut Syrup +$0.50Almond Syrup +$0.50Almond Syrup (Sugar Free) +$0.50Banana +$0.50Blackberry +$0.50Blue Raspberry +$0.50Butterscotch +$0.50Cherry +$0.50Coconut +$0.50Coconut (Sugar Free) +$0.50Coconut Syrup (Sugar Free) +$0.50Creme de Menthe +$0.50Guava +$0.50Hazelnut Syrup (Sugar Free) +$0.50Irish Cream +$0.50Kiwi +$0.50Lavender +$0.50Lemon +$0.50Lime +$0.50Macadamia Nut +$0.50Mango +$0.50Peach +$0.50Peach (Sugar Free) +$0.50Peppermint +$0.50Peppermint (Sugar Free) +$0.50Pineapple +$0.50Pistachio +$0.50Pomegranate +$0.50Raspberry +$0.50Raspberry (Sugar Free) +$0.50Strawberry +$0.50Strawberry (Sugar Free) +$0.50Toasted Marshamallow +$0.50Toffee Nut +$0.50Vanilla Syrup (Sugar Free) +$0.50Watermelon +$0.50Passionfruit +$0.50Orange +$0.50Huckleberry +$0.50Maple Pancake syrup +$0.50Shortbread +$0.50Green Apple praline cinnamon brown sugar cinnamon cantaloupe gingerbread white peach creme de cacao

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